Right now in Southern Sudan, there is a shortage of clean water, and people have been forced to drink dirty and unsafe water. This is causing of many diseases which life threatening spread to all villages in rural Southern Sudan. For example, UNICEF says a lack of access to clean water is the cause of diseases kills more than 1.6 million children each year. Another 19.5 million children and adults are infected with roundworms and whipworm every year alone, as well as many other diseases caused by unclean water. What water there is has to be carried miles by the young girls in the village, forcing them to forgo much of their education. “By providing clean water and sanitation to the poorest people on the planet, we can reduce poverty, suffering and ensure education for all children” (UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy).  

 Clean water brings diverse communities together to work for changes that can improve people’s lives by promoting sanitation solutions and healthy environments. For communities to stay healthy, they need to have a safe and reliable system for getting water. To secure clean, safe and affordable drinking water for existing and future generations, we must drill wells and provide resources to protect and conserve water in a healthy environment.

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